Founded in 1984, The Wellness Corporation is a national provider of Organizational Assistance Services. Each of our customized, high quality services can be provided on a stand-alone basis, or under one comprehensive umbrella. These services include Employee Assistance Programs, Student and Graduate Student Assistance Programs, Organizational Development Services, Professional Development Training, Wellness and Work/Life Programs.

We are committed to an active partnership with our clients, listening and responding to their changing needs, and working tirelessly to develop new programs to meet those needs.

A few facts about The Wellness Corporation:

  • Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients on every level
  • We have never lost a client due to dissatisfaction with our services
  • We are the leading provider of higher education support services in the United States
  • We maintain an Affiliate Network of over 12,000 National providers and growing every day
  • The Wellness Corporation is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

We look forward to the opportunity to bring our team of highly trained professionals to work with you in the development, and implementation of creative programs that enhance individual well-being and support the attainment of your organizational or institutional goals.

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