Creating a Retirement Planning Seminar

retirement seminar Retirement can be an exhilarating and freeing experience, but it can also be full of uncertainty.  With medical advances, people are living longer, and this means a longer retirement period.

Employees approaching retirement have serious questions and concerns:  Will I have enough money for my retirement years?  Should I downsize my home or relocate to another area?  When will I be able to collect Social Security Retirement Benefits, and how much will the payment be?  Will my company health benefits continue into retirement?  And the really big one:  What will I do with the rest of my life?!?

Hosting a retirement planning seminar for employees approaching retirement is a great way to get important information into their hands.  With a minimal investment in time and money, you’ll ensure that the right employees get consistent and accurate messages about their retirement years.  Here are some ideas for planning your event:

By Invitation Only – Invite employees by age and/or service, or if they are a member of a downsized group.  Be sure to plan separate events for different categories; for example, invite salaried employees on a different day from hourly workers if their company benefits are different.  As a courtesy, allow attendees to bring along a spouse or significant other.

Plan Time and Place – Reserve one full day for the seminar.  If budget allows, consider holding your event in a location different from your workplace, to prevent employees from work distractions.  It’s a nice touch to offer continental breakfast and lunch for your attendees, and be sure to include brief morning and afternoon breaks.

Create an Appealing Agenda – and include these segments:

  • Retirement Lifestyle – cover topics such as interpersonal relationships, maintaining health, staying active with exercise, cultivating friendships, travel, relocation and downsizing, new career, consulting, part-time work, hobbies, volunteerism and board memberships, returning to school, teaching and mentoring.
  • Company Benefits – pension plan, 401(k), medical, dental, vision care, life insurance.  Don’t forget other employee programs such as Credit Union and health club memberships.
  • Financial Considerations – Social Security, Medicare, estate and tax planning, IRA rollovers, Roth vs. traditional IRAs, 401(k) and IRA withdrawals, capital gains on home sale, long term care insurance, investing for retirement, creating a budget.
  • EAP Issues – stress management, elder and child care, adjusting to retirement, loss of power, loss of prestige.

retired couple

Choose Your Presenters – Human Resources can host the event and cover the Company Benefits section.  But be sure to reach out for other topic experts to present the remaining segments.  Take advantage of your organization’s existing relationships with trainers, consultants, investment consultants, benefit plan providers and record keepers to recruit presenters.  They may be willing to come in for no fee because of their business relationships with you.  For the Financial Considerations segment, be sure the information expert does not also sell investment vehicles, so the information will be unbiased.

Hosting a retirement seminar for eligible employees is well worth your investment in time and money.  You’ll impart valuable information to your constituents and create a lot of goodwill at the same time.

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