EAP Goals – Mid-Year Review

EAP Performance Review, ratingPicnics, swimming, vacations, school-free days – summer means all these things and more.  When July comes, you know that half of the calendar year is over.  And, whether formal or informal, it’s time for a mid-year review of the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

If you set Employee or Student Assistance Plan goals for your organization, this is a great time to measure their success.  You may be planning a formal mid-year review with your manager or supervisor.  Whether you do this or not, take some time to look at your EAP activities and compare them against the goals you’ve set.

If you’ve written your goals using the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely), you should be able to review each component and measure its success.  Let’s look at each category, and ask these questions:


methods of communicationWhat additional communication efforts did we make?  Did we utilize all available means such as our website, Intranet, newsletter and provider printed material?  Did we add EAP orientation to welcome programs?  Did we add alternative communications in other languages or for those with visual disabilities?   How many lunch and learns did we host, and what was the attendance?  If we experienced company or site-wide events such as downsizing, did we prominently feature EAP information for those affected?

Have we met our program awareness goals?  This can be measured using simple online surveys.


Did we canvas our HR staff, line supervisors and managers to test their awareness of EAP benefits and contact information?  Do other personnel such as medical support and dormitory staff know about the EAP, the referral process and where to get more information?  How many training sessions did we host and what was the attendance?  What actions did we take where deficiencies were noted?

How many supervisors were trained, and how does this compare against our goal so far?

Program Management

As program coordinator, did I meet regularly with our EAP provider to stay current on both our business and theirs?  What are our utilization numbers, and what plans did we discuss to improve them?  How many reports were made to upper management, and were their questions and concerns fully addressed?  Is usage confidentiality being maintained?

Have we had two quarterly meetings with our EAP provider?  If not, examine why not and schedule one immediately so this goal will be met.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to set EAP goals for 2012, it’s not too late to establish a few that can be accomplished before the end of the year.  Some of the checkpoints above in the areas of communications, training and program management will give you some ideas on adding goals for the remainder of the year.

mid-year reviewKeep in mind that your EAP provider can provide vital information with which to review your progress against goals.  For example, an analysis of utilization reports can yield valuable clues as to whether your efforts so far have been successful.

Take some time out of your busy day look at your annual EAP goals.  Now is the time to adjust them for year-end success, based on the results of your mid-year review.

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